Why Is Hydration Important?

Learn More About Why You Should Drink Enough Water Each Day

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Why Is Hydration Important?

Around 60% of our bodies are made of water, which tells you how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated. Oftentimes, though, people fail to consume the daily amount of water they should. 6ZERO is here to explain more about the reasons why hydration is so critical. Learn more and find the best drink for hydration today!

Thermographic image showing various temperatures throughout a person’s body.

Regulate Body Temperatures

Water is stored in the skin and regulates our body’s temperature during exercises or any other heat stress through sweat. Once the sweat evaporates from your skin, you experience a cooling effect. Not having enough water in your body means you will sweat less and, therefore, be unable to tolerate heat stress. If you work out, it is especially important to rehydrate often to give your body enough water to deal with the heat that occurs during the workout.

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Helps in Weight Loss

By now you must have heard that water helps a great deal when it comes to weight loss. While this is absolutely true, you must also realize that water doesn’t have any magical fat-burning effect. What it does is take the place of other high caloric drinks, therefore, reducing the net caloric intake. Also, food cooked with more water looks larger and is absorbed faster into the body.

 Muscular woman lifting weights.

Energizes Muscles

If you consistently work out to build muscle, staying hydrated is a non-negotiable. Regular hydration during exercise ensures your cells maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes and fluids, keeping your muscles energized. As a result, you will be able to work out for longer periods of time without extreme muscle fatigue.

Woman wearing a towel around her head touching her face with both of her hands to show off her flawless skin

Keeps Your Skin Looking Good

Water helps skin look good, as skin that contains plenty of water is often healthy and has fewer wrinkles and lines. Dehydration on the other hand, makes your skin appear dry and wrinkly. Drink enough water to achieve a flawless glow!

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Water is essential for our bodies. However, the best water for rehydration is naturally filtered water. It has all the minerals you need and tastes good too — you will be able to down several cups easily just because of the taste. Find the best drinks for hydration at 6ZERO today!