Why Are You Still Drinking Filtered Water?

Learn More About the Benefits of Naturally Filtered Water

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Why Are You Still Drinking Filtered Water?

It’s well-known that drinking water has plenty of benefits for your body. However, you may not know that natural filtered water, better known as spring water, has additional benefits to your body as compared to filtered water. Drinking water should not only contain all the natural goodness, but should also be palatable. So why is naturally filtered water better than any other alternative out there? 6ZERO is here to explain! Learn more and find healthy, natural spring water today!


Naturally Available Minerals Are Present

Different from your regular filtered water, spring water comes with all the naturally occurring minerals that would have otherwise been filtered out in the process. Minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium are beneficial to your body. The filtration and purification process that goes into your regular drinking water takes away the natural minerals from the water.


Absence of Chemicals

The filtration and purification process involves the use of chemicals to remove certain contaminants and minerals. Does the tap water in your home ever taste a bit strange? It’s likely due to chlorine, which is used in the purification process. Naturally filtered water, or spring water, is free from any of the chemicals and is suitable for use by anyone. We believe that compromising the natural goodness of spring water is unnecessary.


Better Taste and Smell

You drink water every day of your life, so your water should taste and smell normal. Filtered water may have a funny taste and smell, while natural spring water has a fresh, delicious taste and no strange smell. Treat your taste buds with water that smells as good as it tastes with 6ZERO.


Clean and Ready to Drink

A common assumption about naturally filtered water is that it is not clean enough to be consumed right away. However, this is false, as naturally filtered water is just as clean, if not cleaner, than other drinkable water. It is not only rich in minerals, but it is free of any pathogens that may cause your stomach to be upset.

Drink Clean, Delicious Water With 6ZERO

Let’s face it, water is good for your health, but not every type of water you buy will give you the full benefits that your body deserves. Naturally filtered drinking water contains all the goodness and benefits of spring water and will leave you feeling refreshed. Find the healthiest water to drink at 6ZERO today!

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