What's Healthier: Mineral, Filtered, or Tap Water?

Should You Drink One Over The Others?

Drink More Water!

Which Type of Water Is Best For Health?

We’ll be comparing three different types of bottled water today:

  • Mineral

  • Filtered

  • Tap

Summary: While they are all usually perfectly safe to drink, when you’re looking for the purest water to support your health, we recommend mineral water for the best tasting, healthiest type of water.

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The Details — 3 Different Types of Water

Let’s start out with tap water and go from there.

Water being poured into glass

Tap Water

Good, old-fashioned tap water. We have nothing against it! It is free and available practically everywhere. The biggest benefit of tap water is the fact that it is free and works just fine as a calorie-free thirst quencher. The main concerns to be had towards it are that it can be more or less safe, depending on the region it is sourced from, as well as having a wide variety of metals and other contaminants in it that, while they won’t usually make you sick, it can build up in your body and potentially cause problems in the future.

Woman filling water bottle from kitchen tap

Filtered Water

Filtered water is water that has gone through a process of removing impurities, such as through reverse osmosis filtration oir through a carbon filter. Contaminants are removed, and the water can be softened. Filtered water is great because it is very convenient to get, and can be available in your own home. However, for precisely that reason — why buy filtered bottled water when you could just get it at home with a filtration device under your sink? Perhaps because the filter needs to be changed from time-to-time to ensure the water continues to be properly filtered.

Man pouring water from pitcher into glass

Mineral Water

Mineral water is water taken from a natural mineral spring. It contains minerals such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium — all helpful for heart health, lowering blood pressure, indigestion, and more. There are no health risks involved with drinking mineral water. Mineral water can be sourced from many different types of natural bodies of water, such as glaciers, but, according to the EPA, “spring water” (another name for mineral water) must originate from an underground aquifer to be called that. Natural springs generally occur along the sides of hills and in mountain valleys. Many people believe that the natural filtration process results in better tasting water than mechanically filtered water, due to the presence of naturally occurring minerals. Spring water is generally healthier than filtered water, as there are no chemicals added and it maintains its mineral profile.

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