What Is Naturally Filtered Water?

It's More Than Just Hydration, It's a Lifestyle!

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Water Security & Purity — Making Sure You Are Drinking The Right Water

Water security and purity is a major concern in households all across America. With underfunded municipal water supplies, instances of water crises and — more quietly yet equally as dangerous — cost-saving practices being implemented across the country, more people are transitioning from tap water to bottled water. Not all bottled water is the same. You have “filtered water”, “purified water”, etc. — but what do all these terms differentiate?

Ultimately, you want what is best for yourself and your family. When it comes to pure, safe-to-drink water, we recommend choosing natural spring water.

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What Is Spring Water?

There are many different types of spring water sources — groundwater, well water, and even glacier water. According to the EPA though, “spring water” must originate from an underground aquifer. Natural springs generally occur along the sides of hills and in mountain valleys. Many people believe that the natural filtration process results in better tasting water than mechanically filtered water, due to the presence of naturally occurring minerals. Spring water is generally healthier than filtered water, as there are no chemicals added and it maintains its mineral profile.

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What Do You Value in Your Water?

Mechanically purified water and naturally purified water are both safe to drink. What is better for you comes down to your values. If you prefer water with more health benefits and more flavor, naturally purified water is likely to be what you’re looking for. However, both types of water are perfectly safe to drink.

Staying hydrated is important for athletes and non-athletes alike. 6ZERO water is natural spring water that tastes great and makes you feel great too!

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