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Improving Water Availability & Purity For All

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Our Approach

According to the World Economic Forum, the availability and quality of water is the biggest threat humanity is facing in the coming decades. There is a great likelihood that water availability and drinkability around the world will be increasingly at risk. 6ZERO aims to do our part by making pure, affordable drinking water available, while running our business with high ethical standards and low negative and high positive environmental impacts.

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About Us

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What is a healthy body without a healthy planet?

6ZERO does everything we can to make sure that every tomorrow is a bit brighter than the previous. Fresh water is critical for a happy, healthy life for all humans on Earth. Not only is water used for drinking, it also is essential for growing crops, washing clothes, manufacturing products, and much more. From our production processes to the purity of our bottled spring water, 6ZERO aims to pave the way for more eco-friendly water practices around the world.

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Natural Hydration for a Better Tomorrow

6ZERO water is made by hard working Americans who want to see better water on the shelves. Natural spring water is a healthy source of nutrients that are essential to keeping the body in good health. Toss out the sugar water and sodas and start drinking more healthy with 6ZERO. From your particular body to the body of the Earth, 6ZERO aims to have as positive an impact as possible. 6ZERO is water for every lifestyle — first responders and firefighters; spiritual gurus and scientists; moms and athletes.

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